Bio - Rich Walker Photography


like many photographers, my passion for photography started when i was a kid. i grew up in a working class neighborhood in the suburbs of Philly. as a kid, i didn’t have a lot of exposure to arts or ways to cultivate my creative side. fortunately for me, the towns public library was just blocks from my house. 

i spent hours at the library reading books;. I learned about art and creativity and music and magic and design. And thru magazines like "Time", "Life" and "National Geographic", I learned about photography. i was hooked. the images  captivated me, excited me and inspired me like nothing else has… like nothing else could… i often wonder exactly what it is about photography that i love so much… i guess part of it is the feelings that photography evokes in me. a single image can be iconic, beautiful, emotional, artistic, creative, heartbreaking, evocative and haunting all at the same time.

those are the types of images i want to create. this is my calling. this is what i’m meant to do with my life. i’m a photographer.

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